About Me

About Me

I'm Marc Littlemore. I'm a software engineer, a veteran of the video games industry with 18 years of games programming experience, a house music DJ since 1988, a house music producer, Messenger marketing and chatbot builder, and lover of technology. I'm a husband to my fantastic wife Clare and have two beautiful children.

I also nearly died from multiple organ failure due to sepsis after contracting a streptococcal infection in June 2014. I've written a brief version of how I nearly died so please take a look if you wonder what happened. Obviously I'm still here but you can read about what happened and how our lives have changed. My wife Clare is blogging about our experience of my illness in more detail so you should probably read it on her Out Of The Woods Blog.

You should follow my journey on Twitter as I start to build and document how I build my online business.

You'll find my code on GitHub and I sometimes post photos on Instagram.

My current role is as a Software Engineering Team Lead at the BBC, although I started my software development journey in 1993 in the video games industry. I came to the BBC to help with their global games strategy to simplify third party developers integration with BBC gaming technologies. Since 2015, my focus has shifted and I'm now responsible for the audience-facing authentication and authorisation systems which provide a better personalised experience for all.

If you want to know what games I've worked on then take a look at my non-exhaustive game list.

My team develops high availability web applications using JavaScript on the client and server using Node.js and React. I've also become a test-driven development evangelist, encouraging the team to write solid code through testing.

Outside of work you'll find me playing with my kids and helping them to grow up to be wonderful human beings. I also spent the 25+ years DJing house music and producing house music as DJ Cruze. The site is being rebuilt using 11ty and should be live soon.

If you want to know more then you should also follow my journey on Twitter.