A few of the talks that I've given recently

Talks - A few of the talks that I've given recently

I used to hate public speaking. I was really shy and the thought of talking in front of 5 people, let alone hundreds, really scared me. When I came to work at the BBC in 2013, I decided I had to overcome my fear of public speaking. I decided to say "yes" whenever anyone asked me to speak and then I began to enjoy sharing my ideas with people.

After 6+ years of practice, I now love public speaking!

I really enjoy sharing the work I do both at the BBC and outside of the day job. Here you will find an archive of the talks I've presented both internally to BBC teams, and to a wider audience and various events. Most of my talks involve 80s and 90s rappers or gifs. Enjoy!

If you'd like me to come and speak at your event then get in touch here or via Twitter.

The key to writing great software is a great engineering team, but building those great teams is more than finding the best developers. It’s about creating a positive and inclusive environment which helps the whole team to thrive. In this talk, I share some ideas about how you can help to guide a team of fantastic software engineers to success.

The Illest Man In The Hospital

In 2014 I nearly died after contracting sepsis, and so I shared my near-death experience with a group of intensive care doctors and nurses

After surviving a near-death experience when I contract an infection which caused sepsis, I wanted to share my story in order to help others. In this talk I share my experiences of 45 days in intensive care.

From Space Invaders to Strictly

Just getting started in the development industry? Top tips on how I got started

Want to know how I got started in the technology industry? It all started with my love of Space Invaders and ended up with me creating high scale applications to support Strictly Come Dancing. I share some tips for up and coming developers and what to expect when you join the industry.

BBC Account : Engineering Excellence at Strictly Scale

Learn how the BBC account team build a culture of engineering excellence

How do you build a culture of engineering excellence within a development team? How do you ensure code quality for applications that get used by millions of people as soon as they're deployed to your production environment? Learn more in this talk.

7 Tips For Writing Great Unit Tests

How do you learn to write great unit tests?

How do you learn to write great unit tests? Why are some unit tests good and some bad? Here I talk about 7 tips for writing great unit tests and gaining confidence in your code.

Securing Your BBC Identity

Security is a mission, not an intermission...

Application security is often an afterthought for developers, as we concentrate on the next shiny new feature for our projects. In this talk, I highlight the importance of application security and explore some simple and practical ways that we as developers can defend our services from intrusion.