What I'm doing at the moment

Now - What I'm doing at the moment

This page is inspired by Derek Siver's now page suggestion and his Now Now Now movement. The purpose of this page is to share my current focus.


Life has been pretty tough over the past 10 months after a major medical issue for my mum. It's taken its toll both physically and mentally on her and also our family so hence the lack of an update on my now page. Thankfully, things are slowly getting better but it's still a huge challenge.

The family are all doing well and we're helping my son through his GCSEs. He's working hard and we're really proud of what he's achieved so far. He'll go on to do fantastic things in the future I'm sure. My daughter is also working hard at school and is doing really well. She's a very talented young lady.

My wife Clare continues to amaze me as an author and is just finishing the 4th book in her Bellator Chronicles series. She's working hard on the editing and marketing and it should be out soon. I'm really proud of her and continue to give her the tech support she needs to make this happen.

While I've not had the mental capacity to do much recently, I've been coding a little bit more and learning more TypeScript. I've also been getting back into making music and have fired up Ableton Live again. I've not made much music for the past few years but I'm really enjoying working on a new drum and bass track. It's something I've never tried before so I'm really enjoying the challenge and creative process.

I'm also trying to improve my health with more mountain biking and also taking some reformer pilates classes to get my back into a better shape. I'm really enjoying it so far.

Finally, I'm stil attempting to read more and you can check out the current books I'm reading here.


I've really been enjoying my Senior Engineering Manager role at Netlify. I've been there for almost a year now and have been leading up the Frameworks team. We've been trying to ensure that you can build any type of site on Netlify and have a smooth experience. We're spending a lot of time on ensuring reliability and compatibility with the major frameworks (mostly Next.js and Gatsby) but trying to ensure that we can support any framework that people want to use.

It's a tough economic climate in the tech industry right now so there are many challenges for us to overcome. However, I'm hoping that Netlify will continue to grow and we'll be able to continue doing great work to enable improvements in the composable web.