JavaScript Testing

Want to learn more about testing your JavaScript code?

JavaScript Testing - Want to learn more about testing your JavaScript code?

Over the past few years I've been introduced to test driven development (TDD) in combination with using JavaScript and Node.js. It's something that I really enjoyed learning and then talking about. TDD is the practice of writing new production code by first writing a failing test. It often leads to reduced defects or bugs in your code, and helps to define a code contract for your applications.

However, it's often very confusing and difficult for beginners to get started. Here I hope to help beginners to get started with testing their JavaScript and also encourage less experienced developers to gain unit and integration testing skills for their JavaScript code. If you want to learn more then read the articles below or why not sign up for my JavaScript Testing Made Easy course for some free videos showing you how to get started.

Different types of software tests

What are the different types of tests we can write for our software?

There are many different types of tests you can write. Let's find out about what they are.

How To Write High Quality Unit Tests

Make writing unit tests easy by following some simple ideas for better test quality.

How do you ensure that you're writing high quality unit tests? Here you'll learn how to write good quality unit tests with some ideas that you can use in your everyday testing.

How To Unit Test Express Routes

Unit testing of Express routes is often tricky but it can be done. Here's how to do it and why you probably should.

How to unit test Express routes and some reasons why you should do it.