Always be learning

By Marc Littlemore
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We often think of learning as something we do at school, college, or university. You learn new skills as you start your career but often, people stop thinking they need to continue as they get older.

It often feels like learning is something that we encourage our children to do but we forgot how fun it can be as adults. Learning something new encourages those dopamine hits and makes you feel motivated. If you challenge yourself and solve small problems by learning something new, you'll soon find that childlike wonder and love of learning all over again.

Learning is natural - embrace it.

Most knowledge workers like me know that our industries change quickly. I've learnt so much in the past 25+ years as a professional sofware developer. Computer languages change. Software development environments are constantly evolving. Every week in the world of JavaScript there's a new framework or library. Software development changes at an incredible pace but that doesn't mean you have to learn everything that the software industry throws at you. Think about just-in-time learning and learn as you need them.

Companies look for people who can learn new skills quickly and embrace change. If you can constantly adapt to new challenges, you'll never be out of a job.

What stops people from learning?

It's hard work. You have to put some effort in to learn something new. But the challenge of the unknown is worth it for the rewards you'll find.

Taking notes and learning a new skill helps to clarify your thoughts. If you expose yourself to new ways of thinking, you'll know if your current thinking is effective and worth continuing iwht. You can find different, and often simpler, ways of achieving the same goal with your new found knowledge.

There are so many places to learn new skills now.

Lots of people are sharing their knowledge online so you can find online courses for most things. Take a look on Udemy, Skillshare, or just use Google, to learn anything from writing, machine learning, or photography, to beer brewing and watercolour painting. You name it and there will be a course for it.

YouTube is filled with people teaching and this is all free. There are fantastic tutorials from talented people so dive in and take a look.

If you prefer reading then Google for tutorials on the topic you want to learn or browse through Amazon to find a book on the subject.

Make learning a priority. If you're not learning then you can quickly become stagnant. Learn how to learn. And don't forget to share your notes and learning in public.

Always be learning.

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