Here is a collection of articles that I've written about technology, learning, and other things I've learnt about. I'm attempting to build a regular habit of writing in 2020 and beyond so expect regular updates. Enjoy!

Be a force multiplier

Want to become a senior developer or software engineering manager? Forget being a 10x developer. Use the force!

Become a producer not a consumer

Don't just spend your time doom scrolling on Twitter or liking Instagram pictures. It's time to become a content producer and not just a content consumer.

Asking for feedback as a leader

Feedback is necessary for a growth mindset and to continuously improve. As a leader, we often give feedback to our team but forget to ask others for it.

Share your network

Strong leaders build great networks over time. Sharing those networks can help to unlock your team's potential too.

Remote working is the future

The technology world changed in 2020. Remote working has jumped forward faster than ever. It's time to embrace remote working as the future.

Writing great pull requests

Collaboration with other software developers is the key to great software. How do we make sure our code is merged into a project? By writing great pull requests.

Always be learning

Learning doesn't have to stop after school. Learning should be a lifelong passion that we all embrace.

Creating an idea habit

I sometimes struggle for ideas, especially as I try and a daily blog post for 30 days. Here are a few ideas on how to kickstart a habit of idea generation.

Building an audience

Building an audience is a great way to expand your online network. It can help you to find a new role or perhaps sell digital products online. Here are some tips from Nate Eliason which show how you can do it.

Ship your code with confidence

All developers want to ship code on a daily basis. If we want to get our code to our users more frequently, how can we ensure we release with confidence?

Lift your team up

Building a great culture in teams can be hard. If you help to lift them up, you create an inclusive team and everybody wins.

Stop overthinking everything

Making your brain slow down and stop worrying about everything is hard sometimes. As an active overthinker, I'm trying to adopt strategies to deal with it.

Learn in public

Most people consume content and then forget about it. The fastest way to learn something is to share it with others. So let's all learn in public.

Creating a writing habit

How can you make writing a habit? It's hard to overcome the fear of writing but by making it habitual, it should become easier. I hope to make 2021 my year of writing. Read more.

Create pretty code screenshots

Learn how to make pretty code screenshots and impress your developer friends on Twitter!

Want to share pretty code screenshots with your developer friends on Twitter? Read on to find out how.

Different types of software tests

What are the different types of tests we can write for our software?

There are many different types of tests you can write. Let's find out about what they are.


Software and hardware that I use.

A list of software and hardware that I use almost every day for software development and audio production.

2019: Personal Retrospective

2020 is going to be my year of writing more. I'm starting with a retrospective of 2019.

A look back at what I achieved in 2019 and what I hope to achieve in 2020.

How to validate an email adress using the Chatfuel JSON API

When asking your chatbot user for an email address, how do you know if it's valid? Let's look at how you can validate an email address using the Chatfuel JSON API and a Node.js web server.

When asking your chatbot user for an email address, how do you know if it's valid? Let's look at how you can validate an email address using the Chatfuel JSON API and a Node.js web server.

Lessons Learned From Running A Code Club

Teaching children about computer programming is fun but challenging. Here's what I learnt.

A Code Club is a great place for children to learn more about computing, and for adults to learn about teaching. Here are some tips and tricks on how to make your Code Club a fun learning environment for everyone.

Simple Error Handling For Your Production Express Server

Adding error handling to your Express server doesn't have to be confusing.

Adding error handling to your Express server doesn't have to be confusing. Follow this simple guide to add production ready error handling to your Node.js Express application.

How To Write High Quality Unit Tests

Make writing unit tests easy by following some simple ideas for better test quality.

How do you ensure that you're writing high quality unit tests? Here you'll learn how to write good quality unit tests with some ideas that you can use in your everyday testing.

How To Unit Test Express Routes

Unit testing of Express routes is often tricky but it can be done. Here's how to do it and why you probably should.

How to unit test Express routes and some reasons why you should do it.


What I'm doing at the moment

Inspired by Derek Sivers, this is my now page. It tells you what I'm doing at this moment in time.


Video games that I've worked on.

I worked in the video games industry for 20 years. Here are some of the games which you may have played.

How I Almost Died

Back in 2014, I almost died. Here's my story.

Out of the blue I contracted a bacterial infection in my bowel. It almost killed me. Read what happened to me.